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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Practice that was More Chat than Practice

I did a little more talking than storytelling today.

It seemed my story buddy, Joanna Huffaker, was in the same mood.

We usually split our time so Joanna has the first hour for her storytelling projects and then I have the second hour for my storytelling projects.

There are times when having the chance to be listened to is more important than practicing.

My eyebrows were a little furrowed when I discovered that the same night as my Family Famine: Hunger for Love premiere was another storytelling concert in the neighboring town.

I had made a huge effort to communicate my dates and times in the storytelling community so such a schedule conflict would not occur.

But it happened anyway.

I already knew that people would be split as to which concert to attend.

The other storytelling concert did start earlier than mine, but I wondered if it would end at a decent time so people could attend both if they chose.

My posters and postcards had been printed and mostly distributed so I could not make my own concert later in the evening.

When about 15 minutes was left of my 1-hour time, then I rushed to at least tell The Changeling story once.

Being rushed has a way to affect the storytelling quality, and this time was no different.

My telling of The Changeling was not as good as last week, but it was understandable given my worries.

But alas, the show must go on.

And on with the show must be hope.

Things will work out how they need to in the end.

Until we tell again,

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