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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Storytelling Delivery: "Way" South to "Way" North

My "way" south adventures started with the Utah Arts Council in Salt Lake City as I wanted to give Family Famine: Hunger for Love postcards.

The UAC was so important to me that I gave a postcard to every single staff member. Being a state-wide organization, that meant twenty-three people.
Yes, I signed and wrote a note for each one of them.

Then I traveled south and delivered posters and postcards (which also served as fliers) to the Pleasant Grove, Provo, and Orem libraries.

I was thrilled when the Pleasant Grove and Provo libraries offered to give a postcard to each staff member.

The Provo Library alone had over 100 people.

Since the Covey Center for the Arts is located in Provo, this was perfect!

To add to the travel adventures, I headed way north to attend the Ogden School District Storytelling Festival. Not only was I one of the judges for the youth tellers, but I was also allowed to advertise for the premiere. I also could not resist in having my Cub Scouts attend as a field trip. It is always wonderful for youth to see other youth tell stories.

In case you were wondering, "way north" from Provo translates to about 80 miles distance.

Good thing I can practice stories while driving!

Until we tell again,

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