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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Technical Difficulties" with Online Orders. . .and Some Help

For a long time I have had a Paypal account.

Until the possibility of this Family Famine: Hunger for Love DVD, I had little use for the account.

Then, I raked my brain for my password and explored the Paypal website.

It was time to create a "Buy Now" button to place on my two blogs: Family Famine: Hunger for Love and Voice--A Storyteller's Lifestyle.

Eventually, a code was given that I was to copy and paste into the layout of each of my blogs.

I announced the ability to pre-order the DVD on Twitter, Facebook, and on the Professional Storyteller social network site.

Luckily, I received a message from Tim Ereneta. He had attempted to order a copy but something was wrong with the "Buy Now" button.

I called someone from Paypal, got it figured out, copied a new code, and pasted them in their spots.

Thank you, Tim, for the heads up!

Now everything is in working order.

Talking about "order", have you ordered your copy yet?

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
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