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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Forsaken Brother: Little Prep equals Bad Practice

I had a late night, and it showed when I attempted to practice the Forsaken Brother story.

We seem to be able to smile regardless of the outcome.

Little sleep and little time to go over my notes for the story meant I was ill prepared. I felt guilty since Joshua Payne, the guitarist, was there to work with me.

Last week's practice for this same story was wonderful.

It is amazing how each practice has different levels of success.

Joshua was kind to say that today's practice "was still helpful".


At least it revealed, for me, that my "spiral of death" for this story was when I came to the Nanabozho and Winter-Maker story, which is told within the Forsaken Brother story.

My story buddy, Julie Barnson, and I agreed that since Forsaken Brother is sad, the Nanabozho story needs to be more upbeat and told in a more fairy tale style.

Even sad stories need a time of hope within them.

This is the one moment when we see the boy--the sickly boy--happy. He remembers a story that his father told many times.

Next week I will be better prepared when I meet with Joshua Payne and Julie Barnson.

That means I better take more time to sleep the night before!

Until we tell again,

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