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Friday, January 16, 2009

Telephone Practice: Not Same as Live. . .But Doable

Sometimes someone goes out of town and the ideal in-person practices must change to another way: the telephone.

Since storytelling is based on more than voice, certain parts of the practice could not be critiqued such as body language, gestures, or facial expressions.

Besides these components, I could not interact with my story buddy/audience, Holly Robison, during the telling itself. Though Holly did harmonize a couple song with me so she was more a performing artist than audience for this story.

I recorded the whole telephone conversation with my mp3 recorder. In fact, I recorded every version of "The Gardener's Wife" so to be more aware of the evolution of the story.

Unfortunately, the cell phone is not the best way to practice, especially when singing with a partner is involved.

It seemed like I was the only one singing when the places called for it. Holly said she sung so I believe she did.

However, cell phones tend to delay your response--even if it is by a mili-second--but it can make a difference when singing in harmony!

The story was about 42 minutes long and I knew that with time the story would really be about 30-35 minutes in length.

It is better to have "too much" in the beginning so then there is room to get to its essence when it is show time.

After telling the piece, we discussed where would be the best places for Holly's help in harmonizing.

I added some moments for her to "oooo" the lullaby tune when the Girl went on the Quest to find her Two Brothers.

I am anxious to see Holly in-person and practice this story again.

Nothing can compare to the "live" performance!

Until we tell again,

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