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Monday, January 12, 2009

Posters: Not So Easy to Hang Up These Days

It can be hard to hang up a poster.

Oh, the actual lifting of the poster and taping it to a wall is not the issue.

It is if the location allows the poster to be hung in the first part.

Some places said "no" to me even though the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" Premiere was connected to my Storytelling Masters project. I thought the education part would be on my side.

Then, I pondered how I was a member of the Utah Storytelling Guild. That is a nonprofit group and places tended to be more open about hanging items from a nonprofit.

I called Wendy Gourley, the president of the guild, and described my situation. She said that she would be happy for the event to be sponsored in part by the guild. I took the USG logo and printed it on gold stickers.

The funny part is that I may receive more attention to the posters with the sticker than if the "Sponsored in part by the Utah Storytelling Guild" was printed directly on the posters.

I drove to the Covey Center for the Arts to hang some of these posters. I also traveled to several libraries in the Utah County, especially since I had my official guild stickers in tow.

Until we tell again,

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