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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Forsaken Brother: The Best Practice Ever

After such a pitiful practice of the Forsaken Brother story yesterday, I hoped that performing for the Utah Storytelling Guild Olympus Chapter would be different.

It was.


The emotions were there. The flow of the story was there. Even the Nanabozho and Winter-Maker story within Forsaken Brother was upbeat and gave the needed lift needed during this sad story.

Guild members complimented me on the story and there was a buzz as people planned to attend the premiere.

I told them, "Wait until you hear Joshua Payne, who plays the guitar, and Geoffrey Rayback, who plays the upright bass. They will provide soundscapes to heighten the emotions."

That had the buzz return from the guild members.

I told everyone about my "bad" practice yesterday in contrast to this "best yet" practice.

We guessed that part of the difference was that I work better with larger audiences than one or two people.

Since I meet with Julie Barnson, my story buddy for Forsaken Brother, once a week, I may have been too accustomed to her when practicing.

Whatever the reason, I had hope that "Hey, if I do this well or better at the premiere, I got it!"

With people still talking about the premiere, this was when I asked, "I could use some help the night of the premiere. Could someone be the Cookie Coordinator? Could someone be the Ribbon Coordinator?"

Julie Barnson volunteered to be Cookie Coordinator. She would connect with Utah Storytelling Guild members to find out what kinds of cookies they would bring to the premiere.

Sharee Hughes volunteered to be Ribbon Coordinator. She would provide blue ribbons to be pinned on any guild member in attendance of the premiere. This way the general public could recognize other storytellers besides me on that night.

Why blue ribbons?

It is not one of the official colors of the guild, but it is a color associated with child abuse prevention. Since The Changeling story indirectly addresses child abuse, I thought this was appropriate.

As for the guild, can you feel the love from them? I can!

Until we tell again,

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