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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nail Biter: Poster Drop-Offs are not Book Drop-Offs

Little by little the Family Famine: Hunger for Love posters were being dropped off at the libraries.

I still had the Salt Lake City Library (5 branches) and the Salt Lake County Library (18 branches) to go.

Whether for the City or for the County, once the main branch approves the posters, then they are forwarded to the other branches.

That meant I had to make a good impression.

However, when I arrived to each of the two main branches for the City and for the County, no one was around.

I prefer to give posters to the person who makes the decision. So now I was the one who had to make a decision.

Do I drop off the posters and hope that they are approved and hung?

Even with the "Sponsored in part by the Utah Storytelling Guild" stickers, I wondered how strict these places were on hanging posters.

I felt pretty confident the posters would circulate for the Salt Lake County Libraries since I had performed for various branches. I still do perform for many of them.

As for the City, I had no idea what to expect.

The receptionist lady at the City Library said that if the posters were not approved, then the person simply chucked the posters into the trashcan.

I did not want that, especially as I spent so much money to have the lovely posters in the first place.

Dare I put faith in a note accompanying the posters to explain the connection of this premiere to my Storytelling Masters as well as the support from the nonprofit Utah Storytelling Guild?

In case it would help, I wrote on the note that if, by chance, the posters were not approved, then I would like a chance to pick up the posters and find other homes for them.

For both the City and the County Libraries, I dropped off the posters and walked away.

Until we tell again,

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