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Friday, January 9, 2009

Song Recording: The Stress of It All

Holly Robison, my story buddy for "The Gardener's Wife", could be counted on to determine the right harmony for the two songs within the piece.

She loves singing. . .perhaps more than me!

When she was a seven-year-old, she sang a song about her Dad for a talent show. Time has passed and she has continued this talent by singing with choirs that have toured from the Western States to Germany. Today she is part of The Choral Arts Society of Utah and the We Also Sing, a woman's choir in the Salt Lake valley.

Sometimes it is nerve-striking to sing around her when I reflect on her background.

Then I remember, "Hey, Holly is my friend!" and I am calm again.

Then there are the times when stress gets the better of me.

Holly held her recorder towards me so she could have the songs within "The Gardener's Wife". Since she would be out of town on January 16th, we would have to have practice over the telephone. We would need to have the harmony for the songs done by then.

The tune was still new for the grieving/pleading song as it came together only yesterday. Suddenly I wondered if I would be able to remember. The thought was enough to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Again and again I asked for Holly to start the recorder to catch the tunes.

Always something went wrong.

It went so bad that I had to play the recording I made from my mp3 recorder so Holly could make a copy on her recorder.

I promised Holly I would be more confident with the tune by the time it was the premiere.

That was when Holly's normally-smiling-face stared at me seriously and said, "You know you can relax around me."

I thought about what she said.

The recording was made and I knew that in good times or in bad that Holly would be there for me.

Thank you, Holly, for being a wonderful friend!

Until we tell again,

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