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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poster Pick-up: Surprises that made me Smile

Thanks to Jennifer Sherman and Dean Hillan from the Bell Printing and Design for phenomenal service as well as granting permission to post their picture.

I received the call.

I could drive to the Bell Printing and Design to double check that the light blue background for the posters will really be light blue versus a blue-purple that happened to the postcards through PrintsMadeEasy.com.

Jennifer Sherman, the Customer Service lady, greeted me and showed how Dean Hillan, the Press Room Manager, converted my digital file to their machines.

Now Dean has a trademark of creating a smiley face on the artwork. When it comes time to printing, the smiley face is no longer on the file. Yet, the image usually finds itself on the box in which the posters are packaged.

Who could resist a smile with a tradition like that?

It was apparent that Dean loved his job and it made it a pleasure to work with him.

After confirming that the light blue was the shade desired, Dean asked, "When do you want your posters?"

I was unsure how to answer as I knew that print jobs usually took a few business days to complete.

"I would like them by Monday at the latest."

Then Dean surprised me and said, "How about in one hour?"

How else could I respond but with a beaming smile and a big "Uh, yes! That would be great! Really?"

During the short hour wait, my schedule was rearranged so posters could be placed at the Weber County Library and Davis County Library systems as soon as I had them.

When the posters were handed to me, Dean said that he printed 10 extra posters free of charge.

With the quick and quality service from Bell Printing and Design (in particular Jennifer Sherman and Dean Hillan), I knew I would work with them in the future.

They won a friend.

Until we tell again,

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