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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wisconsin Parents Fly for Utah Premiere

This picture was posted by permission of my parents.

Last night it seemed my parents would not come to the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" premiere.

Mom explained how nervous she would be to fly during the winter.

Then that all changed.

Before I walked out the door to attend Cub Scouts Roundtable Training, I received another call from Mom.

She asked, "So. . .you have room at your house?"

"Whoo-hoo!" I yelled so my husband, Casey, and the whole neighborhood knew my joy.

I started to walk wildly back and forth, which is my way to release the energy during such a moment. I would be late for the Roundtable Training, but I did not care!

I thought about the journey to this "yes" from Mom and Dad.

My Mom had clicked "maybe" when I invited her to the event through the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" Facebook support group. That had given me hope for at least a month.

I called Elizabeth Ellis, my professor from the East Tennessee State University Storytelling Masters program and guest emcee for the event. I told her that usually a Mom "maybe" transformed into "yes". Elizabeth wished that it would be true, though she doubted, especially considering the distance from Utah to Wisconsin.

When it appeared that the "maybe" could really turn into a "no", I was disappointed though I could not blame Mom and Dad for that possible answer.

I stressed to Mom that I did not know when I would do anything even close to what I was doing for this premiere. I painted a picture for Mom as to all the details (and money) being placed into this premiere.

At this point, Mom mentioned that they wanted to come to Utah for the 2009 Christmas. I had to laugh, as December was a winter month like February. What happened to her fear to fly during the winter?

Then I said, "Would you be able to trade the Christmas trip for the premiere? There will always be more Christmases."

I expected Mom would want to discuss with Dad, which she did.

Then tonight I received the news: they would be coming.

Their seats have since been reserved on the front row of the Covey Center for the Arts Grand Theater.

Before my parents response, I had already heard from my brother, Nate. He took off work and committed to drive from Idaho to Utah. He also has a front row seat.

My sister, Care, will be missed as she has college classes in Wisconsin and cannot fly with my parents. She will be missed. I told her about what I plan to film on premiere day so she feels part of the event. (You will need to attend and/or pre-order the DVD to find out what that will be.)

And my husband, Casey? He will be there next to my parents and brother. Casey is my constant story appreciator through which we will live "eternally ever after".

Until we tell again,

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