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Saturday, January 10, 2009

"The Changeling": Practicing Starts Somewhere

The first time telling a story out loud is always rough and tumble for me.

That is why it is called a practice.

The shaky results from telling the Irish story of "The Changeling" was similar to the first times I told "Forsaken Brother" and "The Gardener's Wife".

While attending storytelling or writing conferences, often the workshop presenters teach that you have to get the stories out in the open whether that is telling them or writing them on paper.

Rarely are the first thoughts the ones that make it to the final draft of telling of the story.

Joanna Huffaker, my story buddy, was not expecting perfection for this first time through "The Changeling".

On the positive side, Joanna felt that the neighbor characters were clear and real. She shared images that lingered even after the story was done.

I did have to be aware of the different stages with the neighbors. When Mrs. Sullivan wants to show off her baby to the neighbors, I forgot to link the warnings from the neighbors so the baby would not be switched for a changeling from the fairies. It was not until after the switch had been made of Mrs. Sullivan's baby for the changeling that I realized that I skipped that part.

Joanna pointed out that whenever the changeling was a character in a scene, that the scene seemed to go too fast rather than expanding on the feelings that Mrs. Sullivan had whenever the changeling glared at her so that it seemed to burn through her skin.

This could have a mood much like a ghost story if that is what I desired.

More practices will come and improvements will be made.

Until we tell again,

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