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Monday, December 22, 2008

Postcards: How I Found the Right Company

I had never sent postcards before as part of my storytelling marketing plans.

I had envisioned the day when it would come. With the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" premiere approaching, that day did arrive.

Then I had a problem.

Which company would print my postcards?

I consulted "The Storytelling Biz Handbook: How to Manage Your Storytelling Career from the Desk to the Stage"by Dianne de Las Casas. She recommended two different services: VistaPrint and ModernPostcard.com.

I had never used VistaPrint, mainly because I thought it was tacky when the VistaPrint logo was printed on the back of business cards or postcards or any other items ordered through them.

The VistaPrint prices may be low, but what was I trading for in return?

Despite my prejudice against VistaPrint, I went to the website and determined the possibilities. Could Vista give me the quality that I desired? Could postcards be created that did not have their company's logo on them?

All that I had seen in the past seemed to say "no". I did not bother to answer all of the above questions. The decision had been made before I got to their website.

So I quickly went to ModernPostcard.com.

I was happier with my choices there, but I wondered if any other online companies or local print shops could give me quality with low cost.

After searching through Google for shops near my home, I finally made the needed phone call.

Who did I call for advice?

Utah Arts Council.

They send postcards all the time, especially to spread the word about gallery pieces. Visual artists must have striking and clear colors to share what they do.

Besides, I had kept a "Save the Date" postcard when the UAC announced the Mountain West Conference on the Art.

I spoke with Jason Bowcutt, who was the same person who had put the "Save the Date" conference postcard together. He recommended PrintsMadeEasy.com.

The title certainly had promise to it.

Jason then said, "Make sure you send me a postcard!"

I told him I would. In fact, I planned on the entire UAC staff to receive one.

I turned to the computer.

I was glad when I could run some quotes on the website. There was even a telephone number. I called it and talked to a real person. That was glorious.

I discovered some wonderful news:
  • I could have full-color on both sides without affecting the cost!
  • I could have the postcards printed and shipped to me faster than the other online businesses or even some of the local print shops.
  • I could order 2,000 postcards for even less than the price than if I had ordered 1,000 from ModernPostcard or local print shops.
  • UV Glossy was possible for the front side with heavy quality paper.
I ordered 2,000 postcards through PrintsMadeEasy.com. This may not seem like a big number, especially considering my plans for the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love". Yet, it was a start.

I expected to mail at least 500 and use the others as nice fliers.

Would you like to know the cost?

2,000 Postcards (4" X 6") of Card Stock - Glossy - Double-sided

Shipping and Handling
***Priority Saver to transit in one business day. Could have been about $9.00 if not in rush.

Grand Total

Even with Priority Saver, there was a possible four-day setting up and printing and then the mailing. Then, with it close to Christmas, it would not be guaranteed until December 31st. There was the chance to be early.

Crazy enough, with the Priority Saver shipping and handling, it was still less than the cost of 1,000 at ModernPostcard at the cheapest shipping.

When I placed the order, all I could think to say was "Whew!"

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
Professional Storyteller
Former Co-Chair of Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance (2005-2008)
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Email: info@rachelhedman.com
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Tim said...

I've used Vistaprint for several projects, based solely on price. Silly me. Especially silly when I wasn't happy with the results and I think, "well, this time they won't screw it up."

Good for you for finding a recommended vendor... and a great price!