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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Postcard Delivery: An Early Christmas Gift

I got an early Christmas present as the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" postcards arrived today!

I expected the postcards to arrive December 31st so I could take care of labels and have things sent out January 2nd. PrintsMadeEasy.com is closed on Saturdays and Sundays plus the U.S. Postal Service is off a couple days during the holiday season. I must have barely placed the order online to make the December 24th date.

When the doorbell rang and the box was placed on the doorstep, I was so taken aback that I wondered what could be inside the box.

That was only for a moment.

Then I could not open the box fast enough. I squealed like a little girl, a now 29-year-old girl.

When I pulled out the cards, I was impressed. . .except that the light blue background coloring was more purple than light blue. This made some headings harder to read. I made a note to check the printing color for the posters to have the light blue. Since most people would look close at the postcard anyway, then the readability was good enough.

With PrintsMadeEasy.com, I could have opted (for a fee) to have a hard-copy sent to me so I could authorize the coloring. I was more interested in speed. With that choice came consequences.

My friends and family assured me that the postcards did look great.

Nevertheless, the next time I print postcards, or anything else that involves color, I will check the printing.

The trick will be to order them early enough to speed is not as important as the overall quality.

Until we tell again,

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Sean said...

I got mine in Arizona.

woo hoo!