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Monday, December 22, 2008

Geoff Rayback: Upright Bass Player for the Teller

Joshua Payne thought that Geoff Rayback (see picture) may be interested in the "Forsaken Brother" story and add to the accompaniment.

He was right.

I received the call from Joshua today. Geoff was officially our upright bass player.

I have yet to meet him in person. I do know Joshua and I trust him enough to extend that trust to Geoff.

What I know so far--

Geoffrey Rayback is a bassist and producer based in Salt Lake City. He has played with musicians such as Ernie Watts, Cronelius Bumpus, and Ward Swingle. He has engineered and produced more than twenty albums in styles ranging from straight ahead jazz to heavy metal and runs the independent record label Hibiscus Zombie Records.

This would add something more to the whole "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" program.

When I realized that Geoff could join guitarist Joshua Payne and singer/storyteller Holly Robison in this venture, I thought about one of my dreams as a teller.

One year I went with my husband to the Annual Christmas Concert put on by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Besides the world famous choir, there was the Orchestra on Temple Square, the Bells on Temple Square, dancers, and a storyteller.

The storyteller was always a big name--a celebrity name. Someone who did not label themselves as a storyteller on a daily basis.

I knew I would not reach celebrity status, but I played with the idea and asked my family, "Couldn't there be tandem telling with a celebrity?"

The emotions mixed with story and music and song and dance would lift me to the heavens. . .if not for a moment.

When looking at the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" program, Joshua and Geoff will provide "soundscapes" rather than tunes. This makes me wonder how close I may be to what I envisioned a few years before.

At this time, I welcome Geoff as well as Joshua and Holly to share their dreams for what could be the very near future.

Until we tell again,

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