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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nanabozho & The Unofficial Elementary School Practice

For most of Monday, January 26th and for part of Tuesday, January 27th, I told stories at the Bonneville Elementary School in Salt Lake City.

I did five sessions for the K-2 grades, three sessions for the 3-4 grades, and three sessions for the 5-6 grades.

Since the theme for the 3-4 graders was of Utah and Native American stories, I added the Nanabozho and Winter-Maker story to the set.

This is a story that is told within the Forsaken Brother story.

I knew the Nanabozho story could stand on its own.

Besides, today was usually when I met with Julie Barnson, my story buddy for Forsaken Brother. In some ways, I still got a little practice time in.

Not only did the Nanabozho story go well, I thought it was my strongest out of the set.

My confidence boosted and I smiled on the drive home from the school.

Until we tell again,

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