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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Magnetism: From Random Contacts to Car Signs

For a couple weeks I had two blank 12" X 18" car magnets sitting in my closet.

Is that not what you have lying around?

When a local OfficeMax was going out of business and all items were 30-70% off, I roamed the area until I found the "make-your-own" car magnets.

However, I would have to figure out how to place the lettering on the magnets.


That meant tedious work with a ruler and some math equations.

Not to mention the coordination to place the lettering on the magnet.

There had to an easier way.

Then, while in Hobby Lobby and talking to a random lady customer about my issue, the lady said, "Hey, I have a relative who does all kinds of signs including car magnets!"

Finding this lady was not so random after all!

I am always prepared with my storytelling business cards so I gave one to the lady. Because of the lady at Hobby Lobby, I heard from Connie at Blitz Screening.

I ordered two of the Family Famine: Hunger for Love logos so that I only had to apply the image once to each of the two magnets. It would only cost $21.25 for both since I had the magnets to place them on.

No more rulers or math equations!

Do not worry. I still use rulers and math equations. . .just not for car magnets.

Until we tell again,

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