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Friday, January 30, 2009

1st Day of Official School Practices: Jr. High to Elementary

Many times I practiced with one person in the audience. That "one person" would be my story buddy.

It was finally time to test the Family Famine: Hunger for Love stories with a "real" audience.

Denae Palm, as an intern help from Weber State University, scheduled some times for me with local schools.

Today I traveled to two schools: Wahlquist Jr. High School to perform at 7:45am and Bates Elementary School to perform at 1:00pm.

I told The Changeling at the junior high and The Gardener's Wife with Holly Robison at the elementary school for the 5th graders.

On this particular day, I was ill.

Not ill from nerves, though perhaps some could be attributed to this kind.

I was ill from having little sleep and many projects to complete.

Before reading the responses from the students on what they thought of the stories, I thought I did great with the Junior High group and so-so with the Elementary group.

Then I discovered, I did better than I thought, especially for the Elementary group.

See the responses from the Junior High group here or the Elementary group here.

Until we tell again,

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