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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scribbling Songs from my Heart

I will create a few songs for the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" narrative production, though I want one song to be a theme that shares different moods depending on how it is sung.

When this song is sung the first time, I would like a more upbeat and humorous feel. Upon the second time, I would like a more reflective mood from the audience.

Some of my inspiration comes from the musical "Oliver!", especially the "Food, Glorious Food" song as it has an endearing yet humorous quality when sharing the turmoils of being an orphan. Upon going beyond the tune and mood and into the lyrics, then the ironic twists are found.

Though no particular tunes have come to mind for my own program, I scribbled a bunch of phrases or words in several directions on a scrap piece of paper. Now I type some of my ideas here for you to explore. These ideas may or may not be transformed into a final product. I did not necessarily feel I had to rhyme yet sometimes it naturally came about. Most of the time, images and rhythm were more interesting.

One crumb.
Maybe two or three.
Perhaps four or five. . .just enough to stay alive.

You hear it?
The deep grumble below.
You feel it?
That tightening inside.
You see it?
The bones sticking out.

An empty table.
An empty chair.
An empty family that should be there.

Someplace--so far yet near.
A famine stalks the land.

There's a hunger in my soul. It yearns for more.

I will need to keep a notebook by my bed to capture any other phrases or thoughts that may inspire songs or stories.

As I read more multicultural tales, I may notice phrases or pieces that stand out and may merge well with the theme.

Until we tell again,

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