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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Exploring Day & Night Opposites in Family Life

As I read multicultural tales and reflect on my own life, certain images or actions of characters could guide me to think of positive or negative attributes in family life. It is like finding the differences between the sun and the moon.

I will begin and end with the positive ones and address some of the negative ones in the center of the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" narrative production.

Here are two lists to consider--

Positive Attributes in Family Life

  • Love unfeigned--charity, caring for others' welfare despite any wrongdoing
  • Acceptance--seeing others in eternal perspective, judging with compassion
  • Integrity--being honest, a personal commitment to doing right
  • Persuasion--teaching with compassion, kindly pointing out advantages and disadvantages of situations
  • Gentleness--soft, not treating others harshly
  • Trust--lovingly allowing others to exercise their agency to choose right or wrong and to accept the consequence
  • Responsibility--acknowledging and assuming your role in any situation including repenting for past wrongdoing
  • Meekness--humility, uncomplaining, and teachable

Negative Attributes in Family Life
  • Physical force--being hostile and unfairly using physical strength
  • Blame--condemning others' faults without compassion
  • Accusation--provoking guilt, reminding people of their mistakes to punish them and justify oneself
  • Intimidation--ruling by fear because others are afraid of one's power
  • Threat--expressing an intent to physically or emotionally harm someone
  • Pride--self-righteously preaching moral truths and condemning others
  • Self-centeredness--refusing to accept responsibility for your actions
  • Haughtiness--being unteachable, proud, and pessimistic

After reading stories, I may categorize which attribute(s) surface. Though above all, the stories must resonate with me so that I feel motivated to share them in the first place.

Until we tell again,
Rachel Hedman
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