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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beyond the Premiere: Touring

Today I learned that I did not receive the $1000 grant to attend the Arts Northwest Booking Conference for performing artists given through the Utah Arts Council.

Despite the disappointment, I was unaware of the event before the UAC offered a workshop about the event last week. If nothing else, this opportunity reminded me to think beyond the premiere and the touring that will follow.

In part of the notification email from the UAC it said, "a letter will be forthcoming with more information. We have entered your information in our database so that you may be notified of upcoming professional development and funding opportunities provided by the Utah Arts Council."

I am anxious for the letter.

Writing a grant proposal is often successful after more than one attempt at it. Some people give up when given a rejection, though for me it only makes me more determined. I may not be able to attend the Arts Northwest Booking Conference this year, yet there is always 2009.

Besides, even if I had gone to the conference, I was too late to be part of the showcases that features dancers, musicians, theatre groups, as well as the occasional professional storyteller.

I asked Karen Hanan, the Executive Director of Arts Northwest, how often storytelling is featured at the conference. She mentioned that Diane Ferlatte had performed for them before. No other names were given. It seems that out of 30 possible showcases maybe one spot would go to a storyteller.

Karen continued that well over 400 people and growing attend the conference with about a 2 to 1 ratio of performing artist to sponsor. This gives the sponsors chances to connect with many different people who could possibly be invited to their venues.

To apply for the 2009 Arts Northwest Booking Conference showcases, the call goes out in January and due by March. I intend to submit portions of "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" as only 20 minutes are given to each artist.

Perhaps I will get that one storyteller slot. Or maybe the Arts Northwest will give more chances for storytellers as our art becomes more visible.

Until we tell again,

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