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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jr High Results are In (Period 7 of 7): The Changeling

These are the results of period seven (out of seven periods) at Snowcrest Junior High School.

It was through the help of Denae Palm, an intern from Weber State University, that we had these school sessions scheduled in the first place.

The "deal" was that after I told the story, the
n each student would receive an index card to answer the following questions--
1. What images or pictures were in your head as you heard the stories?
2. What emotions/moods were felt in the story?
3. What theme or "moral of the story" would you create after hearing the story?
4. What story scene did you like the best?

The Changeling Feedback Results from Period 7:

  • Baby ||||
  • Mother/Mrs. Sullivan |||
  • Changeling/Ugly Baby |||||||
  • Market |
  • Grey Ellen's House ||
  • Church |||
  • Fireplace and Fire |||
  • Bridge ||
  • Rocky Path ||
  • Mrs. Lynch's Boy ||
  • Clinging to Skirt ||
  • Fairies |
  • Poker |||
  • Happy ||||||||||
  • Sad |||||||||||
  • Excited |
  • Confused |
  • Anger ||
  • Mystery ||
Theme/Moral of the Story
  • Don't think too highly of something.
  • Trust people.
  • Don't have too much pride.
  • Don't brag. |||||
  • Don't think too highly of your baby.
  • Listen to people.
  • Be grateful for what you have.
  • Don't trade your baby for a fairy.
  • Be humble.
  • Don't praise out loud.
Favorite Scene
  • Mrs. Sullivan showing off her Baby |
  • Mrs. Sullivan with Mrs. Flanagan and her Flailing Arms ||
  • Neighbor Responses ||
  • Mrs. Sullivan talking with Grey Ellen for wisdom |
  • Cracking Eggs on Floor/Brewing Eggshells |
  • Cackling from the Changeling and revealing of Age ||
  • Mrs. Sullivan trips with Poker to put down Changeling's throat ||||
  • Changeling switched back for Baby |||||
Other Comments:
  • "I did not like the mother of the child. She made me grumpy."
  • "I pictures stories/books very easily. So this was easy to picture. You are a great storyteller!"
  • "Thank you!" (with smiley face)
  • "I thought that I must have been like that."

Until we tell again,

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