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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Jr High School: "I'll be here all day!"

Guitarist Joshua Payne traveled 27.67 miles to my house and then we carpooled 29.78 miles to Snowcrest Junior High School.

And we woke up really early so we could kick-off the practices at 7:45am.

Between the Wahlquist and Snowcrest Junior Highs, I have chalked up a couple hold-your-eyes-open-with-toothpick days.

It was worth it because today would be our chance to tell seven different times, three of which would be with Joshua Payne for the Forsaken Brother story. Then I would continue with the two sessions with The Gardener's Wife story and two sessions with The Changeling story.

Tia Shaw and Marci Chapman, the two teachers who arranged the gathering with the students, showed us a classroom with a raised up stage.


It was through the help of Denae Palm, an intern from Weber State University, that we had these school sessions scheduled in the first place.

Results from:
I was thrilled to have so many practices in one day. All the premiere stories were tested.

I admit that I was surprised in the amount given for the donations.

It seems there must have been a misunderstanding. I had asked Denae Palm to communicate with the schools that each session would be $50 since it was a practice rather than $200 for my normal rate.

Snowcrest Junior High must have heard "$50" and did not think about the multiple times I was telling.

That meant I was expecting $350 in donations.

Instead, I got $50. . .for the whole day.

Again, I was happy to be able to practice, but I was counting on that money to help with the other expenses related to the premiere.

I knew that I was polished and did just as well as if it was labeled as an "official performance".

I let the reduced amount pass, though I did tell the school what I normally would be paid.

The $50 was justified as the same price for be a substitute teacher for the day.

I thought I put many more hours than what a substitute would in preparation alone!

Oh well. I will chalk it up for "misunderstanding".

Did I mention I was happy to have the chance to practice and get the feedback?

Crazy enough, it was during one of the Forsaken Brother sessions that Joshua broke a string on his guitar.

Rather than replacing the string, he discovered that the sounds had a more eerie sound, which worked for the Ojibwa tale.

He promised to not replace the string for the premiere, too.

Seems like it was meant to be for that string to break!

Until we tell again,

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