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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jr High Results are In (Period 1 of 7): Forsaken Brother

These are the results of period one (out of seven periods) at Snowcrest Junior High School.

It was through the help of Denae Palm, an intern from Weber State University, that we had these school sessions scheduled in the first place.

The "deal" was that after I told the story, then each student would receive an index card to answer the following questions--

1. What images or pictures were in your head as you heard the stories?
2. What emotions/moods were felt in the story?
3. What theme or "moral of the story" would you create after hearing the story?
4. What story scene did you like the best?

***Please note that as I knew Forsaken Brother would be a sad story, and you never want to begin or end on a sad note, then I told a two-minute funny story at the beginning and then a five-minute happy/tender story at the end. However, the questions were geared for the middle story.

Forsaken Brother Feedback Results from Period 1:

  • Blizzard ||
  • Boy ||||||||
  • Raw Meat |||||
  • Boy turning into Wolf ||||
  • Lake ||||
  • Wolves |||||||||||||
  • Maple Tree |||||||
  • Dying Father |||
  • Mother |||
  • Sister |||
  • Brother ||||
  • Forest |||
  • Village |||
  • Basket |
  • Fish |
  • Deer |
  • Lodge ||
  • Flap of the Lodge |
  • Soup |
  • Winter-Maker |
  • Fire ||
  • Sad |||||||||||||||||||
  • Caring |
  • Anticipation |
  • Mystery |
  • Surprised |
  • Sorry |
  • Depressed |
  • Angry ||
  • Happy |||
  • Loneliness |
  • Mourning |
  • Intense, Excitement |||
  • Failure, Loss |
  • Joy ||
Theme/Moral of the Story
  • You should listen to what your parents tell you.
  • Don't forget about the ones you love. ||
  • Losing a brother.
  • They disobeyed their father and then everything went wrong cause they didn't listen.
  • Never leave family behind./Stay with your family. ||||
  • When you lose a family member you can mourn but you should not mourn forever.
  • Obey your parents. ||
  • Don't leave people alone. ||
  • If you make a promise, keep it. |||||
  • Always listen and do what you are supposed to do so you don't fail.
  • If you need food and love, find something that will help you get through.
  • Don't get separated from family.
  • Appreciate your family.
Favorite Scene
  • Sister looks into Boy's eyes |
  • Boy eating out of Basket ||
  • Boy confronts Blizzard |
  • Boy under or within Maple Tree ||
  • Winter-Maker sweating after drinking Soup ||
  • Boy crawling for Raw Meat ||
  • Brother rushes to Boy as transforms ||||
  • Boy transforms into Wolf ||||||||||
  • Boy-turned-Wolf follows the other Wolves ||
  • Brother searches for Sister at the Village |
  • Sister mourns the Broken Promise |
Other Comments:
  • "It was just a cool story for me, mostly."
  • "Well, you need to keep promises made. I mean, if the brother and sister did, the boy probably wouldn't have become a wolf."
  • "Thanks, you guys, for coming. It was awesome."
  • "I loved all of it!! When did you start to love telling stories?"
  • "Rachel, are those the only stories you tell? What other ones do you tell? Thanks so much for coming!"
  • "How long does it take to get all of the music and memorize the story???"
  • "Happy my brother's not a wolf!"
Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
Professional Storyteller
Former Co-Chair of Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance (2005-2008)
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