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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Club Vision: "Do I Sound All Right to You?"

Every so often I receive a call from Club Vision, a group of people who are blind and meet three times a week for lunch and entertainment at the Elks Lodge.

I hoped that I would receive a call and be able to schedule a time with them to practice one of my premiere stories.

My wish was granted.

I asked, "You know how normally I tell stories for an hour and then I'm done? I wondered if I could tell one big story and receive feedback instead."


The "big story" was the Colombian tale The Gardener's Wife. I hoped Holly Robison's schedule would be free so the harmony and songs could be shared in the way it would at the premiere.

She was.

Then I thought about my gestures and movements. I still wanted to tell it with these elements though most of my audience would not be able to see them.

I needed the story to be physically remembered as well as to the images and plot within it.

When the focus was on the Gardener's Wife, then I sat down. When it was in the palace with the King and Queen, then I stood up.

Yet, for today, the test was on the sound.

Could the story be strong enough without the visuals?

Though, my own hearing was crazy.

You may remember the post when my left ear seemed clogged. I had to rely on sound from my right ear.

Well, when we got to a part in The Gardener's Wife where the Girl "ooooo"s while on the Quest, I could not hear Holly.

I thought she missed it so I asked afterward, "Why didn't you "ooooo" at that one part?"

"I did!" she laughingly stressed.

Hmmm. And with the premiere in a few days, I did not see any moment to schedule a doctor's appointment.

Despite my lack of hearing, my audience heard well.

Most of their compliments was on the songs. They loved the harmony.

One person mentioned that the story seemed repetitive.

That comment made me smile because stories usually have things repeat at least three times. It is part of story structure.

The person did not elaborate whether "repetition" was a good thing or a bad thing.

I took it as a good sign when a lady asked more about the premiere. Though she heard one of the three stories, she seemed interested to attend the whole event.

I gladly shared the information.

Wow. The premiere is only five days away.

My internal countdown clock must have its "ticks" and "tocks" connected to my heart.

Maybe the people at Club Vision heard that, too!

Until we tell again,

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