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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flying Forward with the Premiere Logo

So far most things are coming along for the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" premiere, but I still do not have a logo for it.

I did not even have anyone lined up to create it. . .until today.

Wendy Gourley, a storytelling friend, recommended Dawn Bloxham to create my logo. Dawn was the same lady who developed the "Mockingbird Fly" posters and fliers for Wendy. I liked them because they were crisp, clean, and professional.

Wendy gave her telephone number and so the journey started.

I explained my project and how it was connected to "My Finest Hour" assigned by Elizabeth Ellis through the Advanced Storytelling class of the East Tennessee State University Storytelling Masters program.

Then I asked if there was a student rate.

She said her usual rate was $75.00/hour, though she could give me a student rate of $50.00/hour. She expected the project to take from 3-4 hours as I requested her to create the posters and postcards.

At the end of the logo creation process, she would supply the files with the original artwork and layered so I could adjust any images for other needs such as a program or to tweak the poster for touring as by then it would no longer be called "premiere".

She promised that she would would send some concept ideas as long as I gave her required information for the poster and postcard as well as any other information that would be useful.

I am anxious to see what develops. How about you?

Until we tell again,

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