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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Adventures for my Student: Denae Palm

I had a request for Denae Palm, undergraduate student from Weber State University, who will dedicate her 30-hour+ senior project to the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" premiere.

I told her I would like a list of her strengths and interests. Today I received her list.

This guided me in the types of projects/adventures in connection with her senior project and the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" premiere.

These were the adventures and details I gave her:

1. Gather information of family associations on local, national, and international levels and compose in Excel spreadsheet
  • Create column for each of the following: Name of Organization, Contact Name(s), Title/Position of Contact, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Telephone, Website, Email, One-Sentence Description of Focus
  • Family Associations relating to Education are preferred though groups could connect with child abuse, abandonment, adoption, parenting, etc.
  • Goal: At least 100 groups discovered by December 17th
2. Schedule practice performances for each of the three stories in the premiere
  • Opening Story TBA--Either "Iron John", German tale also shared by Brother Grimm, or version of "Hansel and Gretel"
-- Approximate time of story: 25 minutes
-- Requires no coordination with other guest artists
-- Aim one for 4th and/or 5th grade, one for junior high, and one for high school
-- Focus: Child Abuse and Gaining a 2nd Father--"Iron John"
-- Focus: Child Abuse and Sibling Strength--"Hansel and Gretel"

  • Middle Story "Forsaken Brother", Ojibwa tale
-- Approximate time of story: 25 minutes
-- Requires coordination with Joshua Payne, accompanist/guitarist
-- Aim one for 4th and/or 5th grade, one for junior high, and one for high school
-- Focus: Child Abandonment and Broken Promises
-- Due to sad mood to story, a 5-6 minute story is needed at beginning and end

  • Final Story "The Gardener's Wife", Colombian tale
-- Approximate time of story: 40 minutes
-- Requires coordination with Holly Robison, singer
-- Aim one for 4th and/or 5th grade, one for junior high, and one for high school
-- Focus: Desire for Children and Adoption

  • Donations of $50 or more suggested though lack of funds will not dissuade performing at the school (they need to be aware that normally Rachel Hedman is paid $200/hour)
  • Three practices for each of the stories for a total of nine times
-- Stories will be as polished as possible
-- Rachel desires 10-15 minutes for feedback from students and teachers
-- Classroom size as well as Assembly size is acceptable
-- Encourage pdf file of "Save the Date" postcard to be emailed to teachers
-- Request 3 dates/times to see if will work with Rachel's schedule

  • Goal: At least 9 practice performances scheduled from the 2nd week of January to the end of January to be completed by December 23rd
3. Determine which Utah curriculum standards for 4th grade on through high school relate to storytelling in general as well as specifically to the themes and stories from "Family Famine: Hunger for Love"
  • Consider social, political, geographical, religious, or economic details highlighted through the cultural tales
  • Delve into the language arts and how to structure a story
  • Explore emphasis on oral, verbal, and nonverbal communication skills
  • Goal: List the standards with a paragraph under each using terminology known and respected by educators on how storytelling and/or "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" fulfills them by January 3rd
4. Create lesson plans that could be applied for residencies for 4th grade on through high school
  • Brainstorm discussion questions
  • Test activities with children in neighborhood or nearby schools and receive feedback
  • With permission from the parents, take pictures of the activities in action with the kids so that they can be shared through publications, websites, or other items
  • Goal: Develop at least three activities each for an elementary grade, at least three activities for a junior high grade, and at least three activities for a high school grade that connect with themes and/or stories found in "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" by January 3rd

Until we tell again,

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