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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Twitter, Facebook, & Ping.fm--Tantalizing Tools

I am officially on Twitter and Ping.fm. With Facebook, I am fairly new as my brother introduced and guided me with it the beginning of January 2008.

What I have seen for all of these sites excites me to the possibilities.

Several professional storytellers pioneered these sites long before I joined them, yet I am still considered part of the first wave to embrace it. With any technology there are the select few pioneers in the beginning, then the device turns mainstream and finally there are the resisters to change (often of the older generations though not always).

Not every tool must be embraced, as a certain level of caution is good if not healthy. Being unaware of tools, however, whether by choice or through ignorance, does little to forward an art or a performing artist in this matter.

My recent joining of Twitter and Ping.fm was influenced for the need to gain support for the "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" narrative production. Despite this fact, I have often said to fellow storytellers and performing artists that by promoting an event or project you are automatically promoting yourself. Even with 100% altruistic intentions, this naturally happens.

Here is an under two-and-a-half-minute YouTube video "Twitter in Plain English" posted by Lee LeFever--

As for networking online, here is Scott Bradley sharing "My Top 15 Networking Principles"--

For Ping.fm as well as some basic advice on how not to get overwhelmed by Internet tools, enjoy this video "Who pops your popcorn? 03 Ping.fm" presented by Shahar and Nashlah Boyayan--

I will share how I specifically use Twitter, Facebook, and Ping.fm in another post.

Until we tell again,

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Scott Bradley said...

Thanks for sharing my video with your audience! I truly appreciate it!

-Nash said...

Hey hey thanks for the mention! I'm glad you enjoyed our video! It's great to see you popping around all over the web now! ;)

Professional Storyteller Rachel Hedman said...

Dear Scott and Nash:

I only post videos I enjoy or that I know others will draw great knowledge. Thanks for having the videos available in the first place. I always like to credit the sources and give links to your sites.

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman