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Monday, October 13, 2008

Volumes upon Volumes: Never-ending Programs

Eric Wolf reminded me how important it is to have volumes or series in connection to a CD, DVD, book or even a program. Already I am thinking how to apply this thought to "Family Famine: Hunger for Love".

This brainstorming was inspired while listening to the "Panel on the Future of Storytelling Online" from the 2008 National Storytelling Conference that Eric Wolf posted on his "The Art of Storytelling with Children" podcast and blog. Wolf led the panel and I was honored to be invited on it to talk about blogs. Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo focused on podcasts while Mary Margaret O’Connor shared thoughts on iTales.com and downloads. Finally, Fred Crowe revealed some of the Internet international scene. Karen Chace provided a hyperlinked handout of website resources and sites that assist storytellers.

Amongst all the wonderful advice Wolf shared, he mentioned how he has a Fairy Tales Forever storytelling set. He keeps the same name when he adds to the series with labels of "Volume 1", "Volume 2", etc.

This means the first DVD, CD, books, etc. that I put out about "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" will share that concept. People will know that I plan for more to come. As Wolf challenged, "It's time storytellers go back to Old Time Radio", which promotes that idea that the program ends with satisfaction though there is still a kind of cliffhanger to see and hear more.

My volumes could be connected with specific themes. For example, one show could focus more on orphans and adoption through family folktales while another volume could delve into child abuse through stories while another could focus on husband/wife relationships--all under the same name as "Family Famine: Hunger for Love". Geographical elements could be added such as one that had all North American stories while another had all Asian stories.

It's nice to decide this now so the first label reflects the goals of the future.

Thank you, Eric Wolf, for your genius!

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Professional Storyteller Rachel Hedman said...

Eric Wolf had this to say after this post (sharing with permission)--
Well - Rachel
Your kind comment is deeply touching. Essentially your talking about the core idea of what is marketing? Is marketing where you intrude on other peoples time and space until you drive them nuts? or is marketing becoming a source that people seek out in good and bad times?

Creating a series of cd's, mp3 files, books or DVD's prevents you from going back to square one with each sale. Here buy this storytelling CD - look at that - here is the next one in the set. Liked the first one - wait till you see what happens next! Leverage the power of storytelling in your favor - we are storytellers remember?
Eric Wolf

PS: You know why it's better to be a storyteller then a movie director?
- no budget restrictions in your imagination.
October 24, 2008 7:30 PM