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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Silly & Provoking Family Quotes to Boost Memory

My eyes found "Wit and Wisdom from the Peanut Butter Gang, a collection of wise words from young hearts" by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. at one of the display areas that librarians create.

Simply flipping though the pages and reading some of the quotes had my mind journey to the past.

Here are some that provoked images or ideas for me--
  • "If love isn't taught in the home, it is almost impossible to learn it anywhere else."--from 75-year-old great-grandmother, on p. 7
  • "If your mom picks your clothes and you dislike them, tell her they don't fit."--Christie, age 12, on p. 15
  • "My grandmother can say more in a sentence than a college professor can say in an hour and a half.", Angela, age 14, on p. 16
  • "No matter how much I love something, mom will throw it away without a second's thought.", Brian, age 12, on p. 16
  • "When you complain about doing the dishes, you usually get stuck doing them more often.", Nichole, age 14, on. p. 17
  • "It's no fun to stay up all night if your parents don't care.", Carrie, age 15, on p. 19
  • "If your sister hits you, don't hit her back. Parents always catch the second person.", Michael, age 10, on p. 21
  • "When you mom is mad at your dad, don't let her brush your hair.", Morgan, age 11, on p. 23
  • "One of the greatest feelings in the world is the feeling you get when your little sister shows that she admires you.", Dawn, age 14, on p. 24
  • "Despite all the loving and caring relationships in the world, there is nothing more loving than the feel of my mother's hand on my forehead when I am sick.", Rosemary, age 17, on p. 27
  • "It's not always easy being a kid, but I bet it's even harder being an adult.", Julie, age 11, on p. 28
As I develop "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" narrative production, I want to merge personal reflection with the multicultural tales that I choose to tell that either reflect on the light or dark side of family relationships.

Perhaps a single quote could launch me into a library of ideas.

Until we tell again,

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