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Friday, September 19, 2008

Making a Reusable Countdown for Premiere

Whenever there is a major movie or book to be released, there is usually a countdown connected with a huge poster or cardboard figure. I may not be going for a cardboard figure for "Family Famine: Hunger for Love", but I am looking to create a reusable countdown that can apply to the premiere date as well as to when I tour.

I have used countdowns on my blogs, "Voice--A Storyteller's Lifestyle" and "Family Famine: Hunger for Love", through Clocklink.com. Plus I have a countdown application on my profile page on Facebook through, which can be found under my "Boxes" tab. Unfortunately, this application is not allowed to be moved to my wall or main area for Facebook since the switch to the new Facebook. At least I still have the feature.

Frequent visits to the library and seeing their displays or the rare trips to the movie theatres allows me to apply techniques to my own projects.

As I find sponsors, hopefully some of them have moderate to heavy traffic from the general public. Perhaps they could display the countdowns for me.

I imagine most of these countdowns to be either 8 1/2 X 11 size or even 11 X 14 if I have a willing enough sponsor to work the descending numbers. The items I need to create a reusable countdown could be found from office supply to craft to school supply stores. In a later post I will share pictures of what I develop. In the meantime, I picked up some possibilities today (see pictures).

Feel free to share what types of supplies could make a reusable countdown. I would want something durable with a professional look. Most likely I am aiming for plastic. The lower right side would have a literature holder so I could place fliers of the event and/or have my business cards.

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