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Monday, September 15, 2008

Chamber of Commerce: A Storyteller's Friend

I am the only professional storyteller with Chamber East in Utah. I am probably the only one involved with a Chamber of Commerce in the state. How many storytellers on a whole are part of Chambers?

Lately I have reflected on how I may involve the Chamber with my "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" narrative production.

I enjoy attending ribbon-cuttings, like the one I attended in this video--

Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Marie Marshall dubbed me as Chamber East Ambassador. When she gave me a magnetic badge, I was delighted to see that she put "Professional Storyteller" on it.

Marie understands and shares my love for the art as she is creator of the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival fan page on Facebook and has run storytelling events in the past.

Sometimes, when completing errands like grocery shopping or going to the post office, I click on the badge. Wearing it has given more confidence, beyond my natural tendency to share, with people who are in line with me. Even if I am not the first to speak, several people, including cashiers and bank tellers, have asked what it says on my badge. Then the conversation opens easily about how I am a storyteller and about my narrative production. Many business cards have been passed out this way.

So if a name badge from the Chamber is enough to help me with making connections, what about with the Chamber members themselves?

Every so often I receive letters from Chamber members sharing about their latest projects, inviting to check out their businesses, or asking for donations. Why have I not done the same?

At the next Chamber event I attend, I will ask for advice and support on the best way to approach people about my narrative production.

Regardless of the responses, I have been grateful for being a Chamber member.

Until we tell again,

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