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Friday, November 7, 2008

Covey Center for the Arts: Could I really get it?

After the Covey Center for the Arts virtual tour, I fell in love with it.

It matched the dreams I have had for the premiere since the ideas formed in my head in 2005. The ambiance was perfect.

The big question: could I really get it?

From there I wondered--
  • Will it be available on February 9, 2009?
  • Could I afford it?
  • Would my husband support the potential cost of it?
The Covey Center for the Arts is owned by Provo City and many organizations and performing artists reserve the spaces usually a year in advance. With about three months before my "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" premiere, it is a wonder if any dates would be available let alone the February 9th that I desire.

When I asked Jenni McCall, Scheduling and Events Manager, about February 9th, she said that though there was not a performance on that Monday night, the stage was reserved until 7:00pm by the BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble.

I sighed. I had already called the SCERA Shell, another venue I considered, and February 9th was taken. Now with the Covey Center for the Arts out of the picture, I could not think of any other place that had the seat capacity or the ambiance that I wanted.

But wait!

I asked Jenni if it was possible to still have the Covey Center for the Arts as long as my premiere did not start until 8:00pm. Could I still be allowed to come early and set up displays in the lobby and hallways? Would the BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble be open to my presence? How would the General Manager of the Covey Center for the Arts feel?

When I explained that the timing of this premiere was based around the time of the Timpanogos Storytelling Conference and that my professor Elizabeth Ellis would be in the state, I sensed positive vibes on the other side of the telephone from Jenni.

"I will check for you," she said.

That was what I wanted to hear. I have grown up with the mentality that it does not hurt to ask.

Due to needing to talk with the General Manager as well as the person over the BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble, Jenni predicted that she should know the answer by Wednesday, November 12th. If I had not heard from her by that time, then I was to call her the next day.

November 12th seemed forever away, yet it gave time for me to call friends and ask for prayers. Perhaps this seems like a strange thing to pray for when there is so much to pray for in the world. Though, if the Lord saw it fit to amuse and to tickle me pink, then maybe this was not such a terrible request.

Until we tell again,

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