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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Marketing Buddies: Many Eyes & Many Brains

I never like to make a decision alone. Not when it comes to advertising.

I sent the file of possible poster and postcard images for "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" to several storytelling friends including my story buddies for "The Gardener's Wife" and for "Forsaken Brother".

I also sent the file to Elizabeth Ellis.

Then I waited for reactions.

Dawn Bloxham, the artist, had sent a page of six different images. She let me know that any of the images could be changed and altered such as in the colors, shapes, and additions.

Two pictures were of two hands with palms up with a heart in it. Another picture was of a heart-shaped apple with a bite and light streaming from it. The fourth image was of a modern white soup bowl filled with tomato soup with a white cream heart and a spoon from an aerial view. The last picture was of a thick horizontal limb of a tree with a couple apples hanging from it with a little blue bird.

I had considered the tree because my business card has a tree with a single apple hanging from it. Perhaps this would be a way to connect my logo with the program's logo.

Yet, it was the bowl of soup that grabbed my attention. I knew the white bowl was too modern, but if it was a modern bowl, then that might be perfect. Most of my story buddies commented on how the bowl of soup grabbed them.

Joanna Huffaker, a storytelling friend, mentioned that the hands did give a human touch so I asked Dawn to add hands around the wooden bowl.

Besides the image, Dawn asked what information needed to be on the posters. I sent her the following lists--

Required Information for Poster:
  • Title--Family Famine: Hunger for Love
  • World premiere narrative production recorded live
  • Starring Rachel Hedman
  • Monday, February 9th at 8:00pm
  • Covey Center for the Arts, Grand Theater
  • 425 W. Center Street, Provo, UT
  • Tickets: $10.00 general admission, $5.00 student/senior*, $5.00 for groups of 15 or more*, *Discount prices available only by phone or in person*
  • Reserve your seats by calling (801) 852-7007 or go to www.coveycenter.org
  • Light refreshments to follow
Debating on How or If to Share the Following Information for Poster/Postcard Due to Space:
  • Guest emcee/national storyteller Elizabeth Ellis
  • Singer Holly Robison
  • Accompanist/Guitarist Joshua Payne
  • How much of this standard description--Family life can starve when fed abuse and abandonment with stories that gnaw at the stomach. Then Rachel shares the feast of patience, humor and unconditional love through multicultural tales mixed with song and personal reflection. You are welcome to the table.
  • More info at http://familyfamine.blogspot.com or email info@rachelhedman.com
  • Merchandise available for purchase
Information for the "Save the Date" Postcard (besides required info for Poster):
  • Extend your stay while at the Timpanogos Storytelling Conference (www.timpfest.org) from February 5-7 and take part in this event
  • Please RSVP at info@rachelhedman.com
  • Remember you could:
* Attend and celebrate
* Pre-order DVD at special price $15.00 (Normal $20.00)
* Invite Rachel to you
* Or all of the above!

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
Professional Storyteller
Former Co-Chair of Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance (2005-2008)
Tel: (801) 870-5799
Email: info@rachelhedman.com
Performance Blog: http://familyfamine.blogspot.com
Other places to find me: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Professional Storyteller

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