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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mail Debate: "Return to Sender, Address Unknown"

When sharing information with people who may not have ever met me before, I am wary of sharing my home address.

The same is true for postcards or the Internet.

Since I chose to use first class stamps for the postcards, then one of the benefits is that if an address is wrong, then the postcards return to me. Then I can check my records and correct them before any other mailings.

I have an office address, but I was unsure whether to use it as it connected with my Aflac Insurance life rather than storytelling. Everyone in the office knows that I am "the storyteller" and are patient with my "artistic views and use" of the place.

Since storytelling has taken over the time I used to spend with Aflac, then I am due for a PO Box address. Besides, I could check the box and it would be closer to home.

Yet, I had to place the order for the postcards in a timely manner. The PO Box address would have to wait.

So I chose the address that could be found on my website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other my listings on the Internet:

8180 South 700 East, Ste. 120 Sandy, UT 84070

I had www.rachelhedman.com and email of info@rachelhedman.com listed underneath the office address. A website could also be known as a web address.

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
Professional Storyteller
Former Co-Chair of Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance (2005-2008)
Tel: (801) 870-5799
Email: info@rachelhedman.com
Performance Blog: http://familyfamine.blogspot.com
Other places to find me: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Professional Storyteller

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